If someone had told me twenty years ago that my kids and their childhood buddies would be running my fifteen-million dollar printing company, I would have laughed myself out of my chair... and I would have been 100% wrong.

Just like the next generation of children, the next generation of printing has adapted to the hyper-speed advancement of technology. When I started out in this business it was old-fashioned “traditional” printing with a slew of restrictions to work around. At Platinum Plus Printing®, old-school printing met modern technology with the addition of our younger, tech-oriented staff. The entire organization has evolved into an efficient digital print provider while remaining in the concept old-school traditional print methods, and the credit goes to the youth who have become the new foundation for our business. 

Utilizing the latest technology and heavily focusing on new product development, the “kids” are now seasoned experts on the newest printing options. The patented electronic Combination Box™, Peel2Win™ instant game sticker and upcoming Push2Start™ audio device are just a handful of the breakthrough products they’ve helped develop.
P3 Call Solutions is another example of a superb product the bright young minds birthed at our facility. This call center is staffed with more than two-dozen live agents backed by an array of highly-technical products and services that puts this division of our company in a league all its own, leaving no one to even compete with.
Combine all of these products and services with a seemingly endless amount of customer service solutions, and let it all flow under one 40,000 square-foot roof and you have Platinum Plus Printing®. Thanks to the next Generation.

Joe Remer
President & Managing Partner

President Joe Remer and his wife Wendy (Call Center Manager). Standing: (from left) Josh Remer (CIO), Anthony Quast (IT), Rick Stifter (Press Operator), John Hammer (Human Resources), Zach Arvidson (Graphic Designer), Karissa Remer (Executive Assistant).