We have developed an all-new design for P3 Call Solutions, our back-end database and call center department. The new features include enhanced mail-tracking abilities, an easy-to-use dashboard for your campaign management, and updated graphics for a more professional appearance.

We will break down these updates in a series of upcoming articles, starting with:

PURL (Personalized URL) Websites
Our sites provide customized interaction for your tech-savvy online leads, motivating them to schedule an appointment at your event. These websites have undergone a massive update, including:

Expanded Personalization & Domain Names
We’ve added dozens of custom domains to our library, which we combine with the personal information of your leads to give your direct mail a more legitimate, consistent appearance.
Example: if your campaign uses the domain, and you send a direct-mail piece to John Doe, the mailer will have a website listed as

Custom Logos
We include customized logos for each client’s event on our newly re-designed PURL Landing Page. Whether you have a Nissan car dealership or a family-owned furniture store, we can swap your logo of choice into the PURL website for all of your leads – reinforcing the fact that your mailer is for a real, official event.
PURL Landing Web Page
Animation & Graphics
After submitting their information on the Landing Page, your leads will move to our all-new Form Page. This website has been re-designed for a cleaner, more professional appearance. It also offers a truly unique visual interaction for your leads with an animated, dancing Mr. Moneybags character. The Form Page will be personalized with your lead’s information and display the logo of your choice again for consistent branding.
PURL Form Web Page
All of these extensive changes to our PURL websites enhances your lead’s online experience when responding to your direct mail, increasing response rates and the number of leads who will attend your event.
Stay tuned for our next post on new lead and data capturing services.
Josh Remer
CIO / Regional Sales Director
Platinum Plus Printing