Important prize giveaway information.


Ever wonder how those prize-giveaway mailers work?

Prize giveaways are well-known to drive customers and generate sales, but it's important to understand the right and wrong way to host events:


1.) Prize giveaways must have official rules that comply with federal and state regulations. P3 Promotions giveaways fully comply with all regulations, but there are many other companies hosting uninsured/illegal giveaways.


2.) Prize giveaways must only include two of these elements: prizes, chance and consideration. Most promotions eliminate the "consideration", which requires the participants perform an action or pay a fee to claim their prize. For example, if a customer must take a test drive to claim their prize, that is a "consideration".


3.) All prizes must have winners selected for them. A promotion cannot claim "you could win $10,000!" and not select a winner for the $10,000 prize, while giving all customers another prize.


P3 Promotions offers programs that comply with all regulations, as well as fully insure your prizes. Why risk running an illegal campaign when you can have your direct mail printed, packaged, shipped and fully-insured all under one roof?